What is Property Styling/Home Staging ?

What is Property Styling/Home Staging ?

What is Property Styling/Home Staging ?

Have you often experienced the “Wow” factor when coming across the front cover of all but this glossy home magazine, to often wonder, “how do they do it?”. Well, behind that look, there lies a tremendous amount of knowledge, creativity and hard work, that, in a nutshell, simply spells – Property Styling.

Property Styling or home staging (in the US) has kind of become very popular quite recently in Australia – more specifically around ten years or so ago.

So why property styling as opposed to DIY ?


Property styling with the right interior, and quite often, exterior styling, incorporating designer furniture, using and mixing various colour palettes, is the most effective and cost saving way to not only entice interest and attract potential buyers, but also make your property more appealing to the next owner.

Whilst staging your property these days will not break the bank, it will also create a stylish, fresh, and in most cases, a trendy and coordinated property presentation that stands out. After all, the main reason behind property styling is to speed up a sale and maximise the potential sale price of your home.

Whilst the discerning buyer would be visualising himself or herself living in your existing space, it is essential that the seller sees his home as a selling product, rather than a home. The DIY amateur who wishes to carry out their own property styling on the cheap, would often feel a sense of attachment to certain items of existing furniture and accessories. As a property stylist, I often stress to the client that a complete sense of detachment is a must. Whilst you wouldn’t want to rid yourself of your favourite couch or accessory, trends in furniture and accessories do change, as does technology, and may not appeal to the current market trend. A fresh approach and revamp is always needed.


This is where I come in….

As a property stylist, who’s always on the go and continuously investing and moving with the new trends in furniture, themes, styles and colours, why wouldn’t you want to create a total new look to suit your property and get it ready for sale ?

At C.M. Elegant Staging & Décor, first impressions only happen once. So make it count and boost your selling price. Let me create stand out styling and results for you, where I simply “stage to sell – not to live”.

Contact Claudette on 0417 213 869 for a detailed consultation of your property, inside and out or simply email : cmaitrefigraphics@bigpond.com .

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