“Stage” your home for sale without breaking the bank

“Stage” your home for sale without breaking the bank

Are you ready to list your home for sale ?

Styling your home in a bid to entice and attract the well anticipated buyer to your living space, for a quick, and more often than not, well above the asking sale price, doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of dollars. You can revamp the look of your much loved abode and increase your odds. By doing so, you can rest assured that buyers will find your place inviting and warm.

You’re ready to have your photos done and you’re getting excited by the possibility of multiple offers and moving on to your next adventure. Before you get overly excited and start imagining yourself in a new home, it is crucial you focus on selling your current home first.

You can make simple and budget savvy changes to stage your home for potential inspections, which will improve the odds buyers will find your home appealing. Consider trying the following tips before your perfect match knocks on your door:

  • Bathrooms need to be free of clutter. Hair products, shaving accessories and moisturisers need to be neatly tucked away when potential buyers are viewing your home. Just like removing family photos from the living room helps to depersonalise your space, getting rid of bathroom clutter helps buyers imagine themselves in your home.
  • Show off the extra room in cupboards by removing everything except the essentials. Use matching hangers and stacked decorative storage boxes to make your cupboards look neat and tidy. Buyers want cupboards with plenty of room; ensure all cupboards in your home give an instant impression of spaciousness.
  • Bedrooms also need to appear roomy to buyers. Opt for a single dresser and two bedside tables. A headboard for your bed helps to ‘anchor’ the room. Choose bed linens that appeal to both male and female buyers. You want buyers to be able to visualise their furniture in the room without wondering whether everything will fit.
  • Updating your kitchen cupboard handles is an excellent home staging tip. This small expenditure can offer a substantial return on investment by giving buyers the impression of a modern kitchen. Remove everything but the essentials from kitchen benches and make sure every surface is spotless.

At the end of the day, as Staging Diva Debra Gould would say: “a house is a product that has to be packaged and marketed to the right target audience at the right price.”

Will you be trying any of these home staging tips? Have you got some of your own to share?

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