We recreate the interior of your home to allow the new home owner to visualise himself living in your space.  This typically involves the use of a wide range of presentation and design techniques to improve the appeal of your home and help it “put on its best face” for potential buyers.


Particularemphasis is focused on de-personalising and establishing clean lines, thus creating an effect of light and space within each room.  New furniture is carefully placed and accessorised with tasteful furnishings, to achieve a co-ordinated visually pleasing effect.  Property Styling typicallystarts from a one to a fourbedroom property (or more).  Adjacent outdoor areas like decks and balconies count as additional rooms, depending on size and furnishings.  Although they walk hand in hand, Property Styling should not be mistaken for interior design.


The scale of Property Styling employed depends on the property and what the seller wants to achieve.  In some cases, it might be just minor cosmetic alterations, such as a few tasteful artworks or some soft furnishings to add colour.  In properties that are completely empty, Property Styling can include everything from small accessories and decorative pieces, through to large furniture items.


We also take other steps to enhance your home’s ambience and practicality.  This could include rearranging furniture or removing certain items, as well as decluttering spaces to make them more open and welcoming.