Houses Speak to Me

Houses Speak to Me

These days, there is a fine balance between enticing potential home buyers and not over-staging. Naturally, less is always more, and as a home stager, I tend to divert my focus to the house itself rather than being over the top with props. Guess what I’m trying to say is whether I find a house “speak” to me whilst decorating it, to sell on the real estate market.

It’s something that every home stager needs to definitely experience. In fact, it’s one of these little things that makes the difference, and what we should love about home staging, as it creates and makes every staging project unique.

Most often than not, on setting foot into a home, the décor or architecture would not appeal to me, and I don’t care. This can be the most intricate part when carrying out the home staging consultation, because I simply haven’t “bonded” with the house yet. However, when the property starts getting my full attention, there comes a point where it literally “speaks” to me to tell me that it’s in need of a revamp or slight transformation.

Whilst each property tells a story, it’s all about listening to my intuition and going with my gut feeling.

At this point, I am truly able to visualise the beauty to any home and create something out of nothing. With the thousands of nick knacks at my disposal and personal items that I’d never personally use in a million years, the thought of transforming any property from a “rags to riches” look is always doable.

It is at this very moment that the penny drops – the moment when the light bulb comes on and I can instantly visualise what needs to be done. I can rearrange the less than attractive contents into something that just works and turn it into something magical, but yet practical – “make it work”. I also “sense” what needs to be sent away to offsite storage or simply stored in the garage, at least temporarily. My aim is to not lose focus of the end result and what can be added or moved around to change the flow. My urge for creativity suddenly kicks in, where all left over items and décor come into play. I find myself totally absorbed in what I usually do best; contemplating, creating, moving furniture and accessories, experiencing with different colour palettes and art work. Often at this point, I’m suddenly noticing details in the home that the owner isn’t aware of. I’m finding hidden “treasures” just waiting to be revealed, or discovering new ways to look at the same space.

This is the most magical and fulfilling part of being a home stager and having an awesome career, filled with creative challenges and variety every single week – never a dull moment.

Let your home “speak” to me. Let me hear what it’s yearning for.

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