Does property styling work ?

The financial gains made when a property is professionally presented far outweighs the cost of styling.  You can rest assured that your property will stand above the competition, resulting in an increased number of inspections and interest from potential buyers.  This alone will drive the price upward.  First impressions count and you only get one shot to impress a buyer.


We stand behind our motto :“Don’t Reduce the Price, Increase The Appeal” .

How far ahead do I need to book ?

Once you have made the decision to sell and list your property on the market, it is recommended that consultation be booked as early as possible with the Stylist, who often has to make certain recommendations re painting and repairs, before the property is professionally styled.  Both hard and soft furnishings need to be selected by the Stylist and secured as soon as payment is made.  We also need a turnaround of approximately two weeks with regards to delivery of all furnishings, but however can cater for very urgent jobs, if needed.

Can I use some of my existing furniture ?

We are happy to incorporate some of the home owners’ furniture where possible into our styling, and then add our own accessories and artwork pieces for the finishing touch, however, some of your items may be out of date, and may not appeal to today’s market trends and demographics.  If we don’t think they will work, we will be honest and the decision is yours.  Remember, our goal here is to create the most appealing space to your buyers.  We aim to give your property a fresh, new, appealing, but yet neutral look.  Our focus is to create the “WOW” factor, and for the future home owner to literally “fall in love” with your home.

How long will it take to sell my property ? Can you guarantee it ?

It has time and time again been proven that the majority of professionally styled properties have sold on an average four to ten days after being listed on the real estate market – and at a much higher price.  It always is a win-win situation for both parties.  However, like anything else, we cannot guarantee anything.

How much does Property Styling cost ?

At C.M. Elegant Staging & Décor, we believe in creating a bespoke look for every property that we style.  We don’t have packages, as every home is different.  Our prices start from $2,500.00.  Property Styling won’t cost you money, but will make you money.  We specialise in partial to complete home styling, including all accessories and artwork.  We will work within your budget to achieve the best outcome for your property.  Contact us today for an obligation free quote and an indication of prices.

What’s included ?

Our services are for four weeks + two weeks free, including delivery and installation, as well as professional styling, hanging of artwork and pick up of all furnishings, at the end of the six week term.  However, we require full payment upfront and seven days prior to any installation of furnishings and accessories taking place.

Still Got a Question ?